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We create real meeting points

Like every enterprise we are a reality made of people, with whom you can talk, work and build something new and useful in the sector of the commercial furnishing for sales outlets and hospitality structures. These pages will let you discover that we give solutions in terms of design of commercial interiors, furniture manufacturing, technical consultancy and project management. With decades of experience to rely on, Gibam can act as a pure manufacturer of commercial furniture, or as a learned consultant of the field, or as a full-solution provider. Truly international operations, carried on with a mind open to different cultures, in a market as big as the world is.


Commercial Furniture

Furnishing spaces where people meet

We believe in a commercial space that has an essential role to play in social life, where people are at the centre and the space is an opportunity for interaction and exchange. Space that offers many advantages: the emotion of "feeling good", being a part of the hustle and bustle of urban life, the therapeutic benefits of free time; the possiility to be in places where people can show their culture and identity and learn the awareness of diversity and difference. The commercial spaces that we furnish and even design are hotels, offices, stores, hypermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, that we look at as unique opportunities to create something new, filled with quality, Italian style and love for things well done.


International Vision

Worldwide operations rooted in Italy

Everyone says that today the world is small. The truth is that the world has become more reachable than before and the digital forms of communication have increased the speed of sharing concepts, images and solutions. Gibam has grown over the years with this global knowledge and is today a company able to reach out to projects and clients located in every part of the globe. Gibam operations range from the European Union to most of Middle East countries, to the U.S.A., to many African countries, to India and the area around it, in a dazzling melting pot of cultural interactions and international logistics. Gibam is Italian at hearth, international in its operations, professional in the daily approach to life; in a word, global.


High-tech & Affordable

Artisanal capacity, industrial vision

When seen in its manufacturing organization, Gibam is a typical third-millennium entrerprise, where a mix of creativity, heritage and industrial production gives modern and affordable products characterised by quality and reliability. A visitor of Gibam factories will see automatic woodworking machines, laser cutters, powder coating plants, CNC routers, automated packaging systems, that ensure a steady production flow and guarantee quantity and repeatability. A large photovoltaic plant covers most of the rooftops of Gibam factories, thus contributing to reduce the use of carbon-based sources of energy: operations are complaince with EU evironmental regulations and priviledge the use of ecological materials.

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50 Years of Experience

The result of achievements made over time

Unlike people, companies can be mature and never grow old. This happens when a company builds itself on experience and adjusts its structure and operations to the continuous evolution of the world market, keeping aware of new possibilities and solutions coming from the technical sector and from the inputs received by clients. We have been doing this for fifty years and operate in a young and dynamic way, yet taking advantage of hundreds of projects accomplished and thousands of products created and engineered over all this time: it is like a treasure from which we can take valuable items and ideas, inspirations and solutions. Achievements, shortcomings, learning from mistakes, hard work, all contributing to grow.


Gibam was founded

From shelving system workshop to Gibam.


Range of modular counters

'Mirco', one of the first counters created by Gibam.


Gibam in the world

Gibam opens to international markets.


Gibam group

Various companies joined to form the Gibam group.


The Hospitality world

The production opens up to the Hospitality sector.


40 years of history

Hundreds of projects accomplished over all this time.


Gibam Composit

Ready-to-buy catalogues for your business.


100% Made in Italy

We always create something unique

For us the expression "Made in Italy" means that we design, and therefore conceive, and manufacture, in Italy. The manufacturing is more obvious and is truly an activity carried on in our italian factories, by using Italian machinery run by Italian people and governed by Italian standards of quality. Italian design is well-known but less obvious, because it's a process taking place in the mind of our creative people, where an undisputed cultural heritage and deeply rooted design school creates unique and beautiful objects. Beauty can be understood as a relative concept, but also has an absolute one whenever it is the result of human interaction, experience and ethical approach to work.

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