Gibam Composit Retail Collections

Gibam Composit's product lines are organised by typology of shopfitting and display and storage system. From this page you will be linked
directly with Gibam Composit portal, where you will see short presentations of every product line.


Retail Collections

Ready-to-buy product lines for retail

The extensive knowedge about how a store should be made has been crystallised in the appealing series of products under the Gibam Composit brand, capable to encompass all kinds of stores and supermarkets, offering gondolas and wall units, counters and browsers, in so many materials and finishes. Modular retail furniture is thus offered into a coordinated series of catalogues, focused on various styles and functionalities. All those products can be viewed, combined and quoted throught the unparalleled Gibam Composit configurator, a web-based project and quotation platform that allows the client to interact with this offer in a futuristic yet practical three-dimensional way.

Gibam Composit in Pills

The concept of modular furniture for retail is brought to new heights by Gibam Composit, that gives you outstanding products,
a unique online configurator and a network of professionals that operate all over Europe with it.

Gibam Composit Configurator

Gibam Composit product lines

In this page you can see all Gibam Composit's catalogues that can be
opened directly here and browsed through page by page.

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