Clean Energy
Circular Economy
Environmental Protection
Positive Social Impact
Quality Improvement


GIBAM SHOPS S.p.A. puts the quality of its services, customer satisfaction, and environmental protection first by adopting an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Senior Management undertakes to:
– Ensure compliance with the technical and legislative standards applicable to the sector;
– Define Quality and Environmental objectives;
– Provide quality services to customers, and improve environmental performance;
– Make the resources necessary to pursue this Policy’s objectives available;
– Circulate the Company Policy and ensure it is understood by Gibam Shops’ employees;
– Circulate the Company Policy and ensure it is understood by suppliers and their employees;
– Make this Company Policy available to the public, and to all interested parties;
– Develop and adopt an Integrated Management System and pursue its continuous improvement and effectiveness;
– Ensure that the integrity of the Integrated Management System is maintained when changes are planned and adopted.

The primary objectives of the Quality Policy are:
· To achieve the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and various stakeholders;
· To increase internal efficiency, organisational flexibility, and process standardisation;
· To identify, evaluate, and improve service quality levels;
· To respect explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
· To increase staff involvement through motivation and awareness-raising actions.

The primary objectives of the Environmental Policy are:
· To reduce and recover generated waste, where possible;
· To reduce environmental risks linked to the use of hazardous substances;
· To reduce the use of energy resources by upgrading plants;
· To improve the environmental impacts of its activities;
· To identify improvement actions to reduce environmental impacts;
· To protect the environment and safeguard the local area by preventing pollution during operations;
· To meet its compliance obligations and comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations;
· To continuously improve its Management System to enhance environmental performance;
· To identify and adopt appropriate measures for injury prevention and emergency management.

This policy, which is reviewed at least once a year, and during the management review process, represents a point of reference for defining improvement objectives and actions.

For further information write to us at: staff@gibam.it